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Programs & Pricing

Reid Baseball believes that instruction in a team environment allows for an enhanced level of player development, where individuals learning together in a group setting enriches the overall experience for all participants. As such, a variety of packages are offered, allowing for the combination of any curriculum or program components. Daily price points are based on a maximum of 6 hours of instruction per day for the group, team, club or organization.

Core Packages

Starter 3 days US $650 1 weekend + 1 weekday
Double Play 5 days US $555 1 weekend + 3 weekdays
Triple Play 10 days US $500 2 weekends + 6 weekdays
Grand Slam 14 days US $455 2 weekends + 10 weekdays

Player & Team Add-ons

While the focus of Reid Baseball is to connect with and develop as many ballplayers as possible, private and semi-private sessions and specialty clinics can be arranged. The rates for these 50-minute sessions, and the Team Practice hourly rate, are included below. Each are subject to the availability of the instructor and the facility or space allocated for the program(s).






Private Lesson 50 mins US $70 1 player : 1 coach  
Semi-Private Lesson 50 mins US $96 2 players : 1 coach US $48
Semi-Private Lesson 50 mins US $126 3 players : 1 coach US $42
Specialty Clinic 50 mins US $136 4 players : 1 coach US $34
Specialty Clinic 50 mins US $150 5 players : 1 coach US $30
Specialty Clinic 50 mins US $168 6 players : 1 coach US $28
Team Practice 60 mins US $165    

Coaching Clinics

To assist in continued player development at all levels, Reid Baseball offers Introductory, Intermediate and Advanced Coaching Clinics. In these clinics, participating coaches go through drills and activities, gaining an understanding and feel for the movements their players perform and execute in practices and games. In conjunction with the practical, hands-on component of the clinics, an element of theory is included to ensure coaches are equipped with the necessary information and knowledge for their respective level of coaching.

1 hour US $42 1-5 coaches
1.5 hours US $37 6-10 coaches
2 hours US $32 11-15 coaches

Distance Learning

If being on the same ball field is not an option, Distance Learning sessions with Reid Baseball allow for live instruction and instant feedback, no matter where you are in the world!

Structured half-hour sessions are tailored to each ballplayer’s needs and interests, keeping learning fun, interactive and personalized.

Check out the Distance Learning Brochure or watch this video to get a taste of what Distance Learning with Reid Baseball is all about!