Testimonials - Reid Baseball


“I can’t think of a better role model and coach for our son. Great coaches are hard to find and good role models even harder.”

-Kylie, Australia

“Baseball aside, Owen’s leadership, organizational and communication skills allow him to be extremely successful at what he does – leading and teaching. Whether it is on a baseball field, in an office or in a classroom, Owen impacts people of different ages, language skills, nationalities and educational backgrounds and makes lasting impressions.”

-Zvonimir, Saudi Arabia

“Owen is an exceptional leader, but an equally exceptional learner. He has no fear of hard work, and what it takes to expand his knowledge and horizons.”

-Brooke, Australia

“Success is measurable. The metrics we assign vary from person to person, industry to industry, even philosophical definitions of the term, but certainly, when you engage someone who is successful, it is obvious. Meet Owen Reid. This is the measurable success we all strive for. Owen’s accomplishments and experiences are extensive, his perspective is rich and varied, his dedication to his craft is prolific, and the blending of his personal passions and motivation with his professional life all combine to create a very dynamic character. This is the personality design, the strengths we would hope for in all of our coaches, teachers, mentors, and leaders.”

-Mac, Great Britain

“Unlike any other, Coach Reid embodies what it means to be a teacher, leader and mentor. His decades of experience and thoughtful application of his craft, from both a professional and personal standpoint, make him one of the best. Owen skillfully imparts his deep knowledge of baseball to players of all ages and backgrounds, as well as coaches and supportive parents, while masterfully tailoring the content to each participant’s level. As I have worked with Owen over the last number of years, my appreciation for his talent and fundamental understanding of every aspect of the game has grown immensely. He is engaging in his delivery, patient with those getting up to speed and encouraging to all, while emphasizing accountability for personal development. Coach Reid is, by any measure, a true leader with exceptional skill.”

-Brock, Saudi Arabia

“Owen is extremely well organised, very personable and was able to bring a whole range of his skills to benefit our son. Leveraging his interpersonal skills, Owen was able to connect with our son right away. They developed a rapport and still communicate about the mindset and approach my son takes into his training sessions and matches. Owen’s extensive baseball playing and coaching background combined with the positive, authentic approach he brings to each interaction, has provided our son with tools and strategies for dealing with adversity on and off the sporting field. These skills and experiences provided our son with a unique perspective. This is priceless.”

-Ashley, Australia

“Expert coaching, high discipline and structure, and still fun for the kids. Owen delivers it all.”

-Stephen, Singapore

“With an extremely approachable, articulate, and supportive disposition, Coach Reid is one of the most optimistic baseball minds I’ve ever been around. Whether it’s an aspect of your own game or something personally you’ve been mulling over, Owen was always available to lend his perceptive point of view. It has been an absolute pleasure to have been able to work with Coach Reid and I very much look forward to our next encounter.”

-Ryan, Austria

“When it comes to acuity Owen is rarely matched, an active listener and avid learner he is always looking to make himself better. Part of teaching is knowing when to listen and when to impart knowledge and have an understanding that there is always room for growth. He truly gets it and that helps to make him a great teacher of the game and builder of character.”

-Joel, U.S.A.

“Owen is a special baseball coach. He not only instills in his players the fundamentals of the game, but also an appreciation of teamwork, accountability and good sportsmanship. My son’s interest in the game was only lukewarm before he joined Owen’s program. He came out of it a devoted baseball fan. He looked forward to each session, embracing every new challenge and begging to play more. I was most impressed with the way Owen was able to inspire so much focus and confidence within his players.”

-David, Hong Kong

“What a remarkable and amazing time my boys and I had with Coach Reid! As a long time middle school teacher I can tell when someone has an ability to connect in a meaningful and powerful way with young people. Coach Reid definitely has this ability. Despite almost two decades in the classroom, I felt like I was gaining teaching tips just by watching him interact and coach his group of young players. I would recommend Coach Reid to anyone who is interested in having their kids become more skilled on the baseball diamond and, more importantly, wanting their children to grow in character.”

-Noelle, Saudi Arabia

“Coach Reid does such an amazing job with the kids. Both my kids were getting back into baseball after a couple years not playing, and he really did an amazing job helping them with the skills they need to improve their game. The best part about Coach Reid is his attitude, and his focus on positive skills and behaviours that translate Into making resilient kids.”

-Matthew, Canada

“Owen’s extreme professionalism, self-discipline, and baseball knowledge greatly inspired me, and his ability to relate and interact positively with people of all ages was remarkable. Owen handled everyone from wild 6-year olds to awkwardly transitioning teenagers to frazzled parents with the utmost professionalism and respect. Owen is one-of-a-kind. I have never met anyone so disciplined, organized, professional, and knowledgeable in the game of baseball, nor have I worked with anyone so good at interacting with people of all ages and backgrounds.”

-Paul, U.S.A.

“A respectful leader and a persistent developer of talent. You’ll struggle to find a better motivator and you’ll struggle to find a better guy.”

-Dan, Australia

“Owen is the embodiment of professionalism, presentation and great skill. He takes such talents to another level in teaching. Every session with him has my son walking away with incredible baseball skills, but he also comes away with more and more discipline and life skills that I can’t teach as a parent. Owen is truly a life coach and mentor to the kids that he comes in contact with. I actually come away with as much as my son by just standing by and listening. It has been a tremendous gift for us to meet and work with Owen. We both ended up with a performance coach for on and off the field. It’s a blessing to have his interest and dedication to everyone he encounters!

-Raj, Saudi Arabia

“It takes special traits to teach and coach, and even more qualities are required when working with children. Thankfully, Owen has them all! My sons have worked with Owen and it has resulted in them growing as athletes and young men. As a parent/coach it can be difficult to let someone else coach your children—this was never the case with Owen. His vast technical knowledge of the game and enormous catalog of tips, drills and coaching techniques at his disposal is unique. I truly have learned as much as my players! Owen’s passion for baseball is obvious and so is his passion for sportsmanship. I’m confident that he is making my sons better players and young men.”

-Shaun, U.S.A.

“Owen puts an enormous amount of effort in planning and preparation. He is always looking to improve his skills as a coach which gives players a feeling of certainty and trust in what he does and ultimately in what players do on the field. He had a big impact on my mental game during the European Championship, as I was able to become more present in the moment during my time of working with him. At a point where changing physical skills (right before the tournament) wasn’t really possible nor was it appropriate, Owen worked with us players on silencing the distracting noise around us while being in the game. The focus and confidence that came from that, carried me through the whole tournament and hopefully will do so through my future playing days.”

-Felix, Austria

“This is the real deal! Extremely professional coaching. Coach Owen notices each players potential. He teaches them respect, control how to focus. He builds confidence in them bringing out the very best. I can’t recommend him highly enough.”

-Amanda, Australia

“I almost regret having met Owen. Prior to working with him as a coach, and my son as a player, I didn’t realize how much knowledge I lacked about the basic mechanics of throwing and hitting. Beyond Owen’s deep knowledge of baseball mechanics and skills is a phenomenal ability to communicate that information in a concise manner. He creates a relationship with players based on trust, keeping them engaged throughout their development. Most importantly, he makes the game fun. My son is always eager to return to the field. Both my family and league have truly benefited from Owen’s knowledge and efforts.”

-Doug, Saudi Arabia

“Owen has been a welcome addition to both of my son’s baseball training and character building. I appreciated Owen’s attention to detail and making working on the fundamentals interesting and with purpose. That feeling is reiterated both my boys saying he is the best coach they have had.”

-Brad, U.S.A.

“As a parent, I especially like the mix of fun and function Coach Reid incorporates in his lessons, as the kids learn a lot about baseball while having a great time together. As someone working within a Learning & Development function (with 25 years of experience), I especially appreciate the structure of Coach Reid’s lessons, his ability to positively engage with his players, and the positive outcomes he has been able to achieve with my son.”

-Damon, Saudi Arabia

“Energetic and fiercely driven to succeed, Owen’s brand of infectious motivation resonated with our young and impressionable ballplayers, and his unceasing desire to improve process and outcome inspired me to be better at my own performances—both on- and off-field. Not only is Owen a natural leader, but he is the rare type of leader that leads by example. I’m thankful to have worked with Owen, and I’m prouder still to now call him a friend.”

-Drew, Australia

“Owen’s clear passion for athletics and his ability to engage with young athletes across varying stages of development instilled self-discipline and fostered teamwork. He helped my kids to begin to master the fundamentals of baseball and taught them a lot about how to be a competitor on an international stage.”

-Jake, Singapore

“Owen developed a quick rapport, and led a very successful camp. His innovation and creativity in baseball practices were on full display on a daily basis as the campers were new to baseball and non-English speakers, and equipment and facilities were basic, to say the least. Owen’s deliberate use of positive coaching and his wealth of knowledge (and the creativity to put it to use) resulted in a very positive experience for all involved with Reid Baseball.”

-Tom, Germany

“I met Coach Reid when he was down here in Tasmania, He was coming down here to do a marathon but reached out to the Baseball Tasmania president and he came down to watch a game and put on a great clinic for the people that stayed to meet him. It was very impressive to see that even that he was probably very tired from his race he still took the time to remember all of our names and call us by them throughout the training.”

-Mitchell, Australia

“I had the privilege to work with Mr. Owen in Kyrgyzstan, assisting him in his remarkable baseball sessions. His enthusiastic mood, passionate approach to his work and caring attitude would light a fire within all of us every day to better fulfill our tasks and stay on top of things. Not only did he teach kids basic baseball techniques, but also taught them and us (his colleagues) his valuable principles of life such as Attitude, Effort, Focus. I got to know him not only as a great coach but also as a great colleague, mentor, and friend. Thank you, Owen, for all the colorful experiences and for trusting me to sing your song together! We miss you!”

-Meerim, Kyrgyzstan

“Owen is a terrific coach and leader, bringing boundless energy and positivity to everything he does. Instantly, when you meet him, you’re struck by his enthusiasm and perspective in coaching, relationship building, and conversation in general. He cares deeply about his players. He works well with children of all ages and gets all of them to care about their attitude and how they conduct themselves on and off the field. His baseball acumen is impressive, his communication style is clear and kind, and his demeanor is confident yet approachable. While Owen is a baseball coach, and an incredibly accomplished one at that, baseball is the vehicle with which he teaches skills, traits, and lessons that my child can carry with her forever. Thank you, Owen for who you are and all you do.”

-Ty, Saudi Arabia

“Coach Owen provided expert guidance in a disciplined but fun atmosphere and went above and beyond to give all the players individual attention and customized advice appropriate to their age and skill level. Coach Owen even made my son’s little brother feel like he was part of the team by giving him some mini-lessons during breaks in the practice.”

-Patrick, U.S.A.

“Owen’s positive energy and enthusiasm are infectious! What makes him such an excellent baseball coach is his ability to pass on his broad knowledge in a fun and engaging manner.His communication is super respectful, yet informal and fun so the players can really engage and get down to improving their game. Owen adapts his style to the age and ability of the players so they are consistently challenged to achieve their best potential. He is a terrific role model both on and off the field and we look forward to every session.”

-Alex, Saudi Arabia

“Owen Reid is a high quality baseball instructor and a role model of a human being around young baseball players. He stressed to our players to control the things they can, like Focus, Attitude, and Effort. Owen helped our players come together as a team and he taught them what it means to put the team before any individual player. Owen makes it a point to get to know all the players. He is very good at connecting with players of all age groups and values building relationships with the players and community members. He is a true ambassador of the game of baseball.”

-Kevin, Tunisia

“Owen Reid is truly a worldwide ambassador. Not just for the game of baseball, but also for how to live one’s life to the fullest. Owen reaches for the pinnacle in all aspects of his life, whether on the baseball field, with his personal health and fitness or his family life. Owen lives life the way it should be lived; always seeking new experiences and impacting everyone he meets in a meaningful way. I have seen Owen work magic with players and coaches of all ages and abilities.”

-Nick, Austria

“Coach Reid taught everything you needed regarding baseball, but more importantly, taught our boys about life and how to present themselves in our community and beyond. As an experienced school administrator, my observations of Coach Reid showed a master teacher.”

-Steve, Saudi Arabia

“From day one it was apparent that Owen was really someone who loved the game and understood the importance of building a foundation not just built on baseball alone but being a foundation of respect and developing well rounded players at the personal level. Our son came home on day one talking about Attitude, Effort, Focus…3 key terms he takes with him today as he continues to learn and grown as a player. Owen really impressed upon him these key principles as part of the foundation he looked to build with our son, he built a connection and he’s still loving the game and continuing to learn and grow! I honestly believe the limited time we had with Owen made a difference in our son’s growth and continued interest in the game he loves so much!”

-Jim, U.S.A.

“Coach Owen Reid runs an extremely professional and engaging coaching and mentoring program. We were impressed by the skills learnt in not just the physical side of the sport, but also the important motivational side as well. Coach Owen is a very upbeat, positive, and empowering role model for children and adults of all ages. He brings his passion, motivation and enthusiasm to every session and has the unique ability to tailor each session to the different skills and ages of the children involved. Coach Owen Reid is a leader, mentor, coach and teacher. It’s very rare to find someone who brings all these strengths to the field, on a repeat basis. In our son’s own words, ‘Coach Owen is the best coach I have had. He makes learning fun and exciting. He kept us super engaged so everyone had fun.'”

-Dave, Australia

“On the field Owen helped develop a person as a player as well as a teammate. He offered words of encouragement, skilled observations and always taught the team sportsmanship as well as skills. Off the field, he always had an ear for the parents as well as his players for questions. He’s a person of very high character, sincere, and an undisputed leader.”

-Russell, Singapore

“5-star coaching at Reid Baseball! My son loves every minute of the sessions and even continues the drills at home. Coach Owen’s positive approach to helping kids be their best is unmatched. Highly recommended!”

-Erich, Saudi Arabia

“Coach Reid has a unique gift when it comes to inspiring and motivating young baseball players. His positive approach to coaching resonates with the players, whether in group sessions or one-on-one. The emphasis Coach Reid places on attitude, effort, and focus transcends sport. My son has participated in small group and private coaching sessions both on the field and in an online (Zoom) environment. The impact Coach Reid has had on my son on the field and outside of baseball is measurable and significant. He has improved by leaps and bounds in his ability to play the game of baseball, and at the same time he has learned to be successful in our home, in his academic pursuits, and in his social interactions.”

-Glenn, Saudi Arabia

“We got to know Owen while we were living in Asia and he is a great coach! He knows what coaching and what baseball is all about. He gets the life lessons side of baseball and understands how to motivate players of all ages and how to help them help themselves get better.”

-John, U.S.A.

“What a Bloke! Owen was so engaging with the kids and remembered every one of their names within minutes. My daughter and the rest of her teammates were so fortunate to have Owen visit.”

-Narelle, Australia

“Owen is able to inspire and motivate kids in a positive and upbeat atmosphere. He doesn’t just help them develop baseball skills, he helps them develop life skills. He also takes the time to really understand each kid and how to get them to give their best effort.”

-Tom, Saudi Arabia

“In a world filled with “coaches”, it is refreshing to find someone that fully encompasses the true attributes of a coach. Owen is not only a fantastic baseball instructor but it is his focus on developing strong work ethic, perseverance, and accountability that sets him apart from others. His programs are extremely well organised with a big emphasis on continuous growth (baseball and life). I had the opportunity to observe Owen work with a group of youth athletes. The transformation was very apparent. Beyond seeing growth in baseball fundamental skills, there was a very clear improvement in discipline and accountability within the group. Basically, I would highly recommend Owen for coaching at any level (youth, college, pro). Several months after my son’s initial baseball camp and followup sessions, he still references Owen’s coaching lessons. To me, this is a strong statement.”

-Brian, Singapore

“Coach Owen provides so much more than technical baseball coaching. His unique talent is his ability to motivate, encourage and inspire the players he coaches to be the best they can be. He is a great role model for his players! Coach Owen not only helped my two boys’ improve their baseball skills through fun drills and activities he also provided an opportunity for my eldest son to lead within the group training. This opportunity had an impact on his life outside of baseball. I also learnt a key behaviour that Coach Owen constantly demonstrates in all his session and that is to find a few positives or correct things the player is doing before giving advice or critique. I could see the positivity allowed the players to be open to the critique.”

-Nic, Australia

“Owen demonstrated excellent leadership capabilities, both in his handling of the team and in his interactions with parents. Some youth coaches employ a win-at-all-costs mentality, but Owen, appropriately, insists on “playing the game the right way.” Coaches and teachers play an outsized role in the development of children, and Owen certainly left a positive mark on our son.”

-Scott, U.S.A.

“Coach Owen’s impact on the Dhahran baseball community has been and continues to be immeasurable. Under his guidance, our kids have significantly improved their skills and, more importantly, their character. Coach Owen gets the kids to commit their absolute best in effort and in attitude. We are lucky to have him.”

-Will, Saudi Arabia

“Owen mentored my son through a baseball camp and an overseas tournament. My son was beaming with enthusiasm for both of these events. I thought it was just because he was doing the sport he loves, but upon talking to my son every evening and hearing him say Owen taught me this…Owen said that…Owen helped me with. It’s turned out to be Owen’s enthusiasm for the game and sharing his skill with the kids that had my son happy with excitement. He wanted to learn more from him and couldn’t wait to apply in the next game. I believe this attitude played a huge factor in my son’s success. My son has learned skills from Owen that he will take with him forever.”

-Kelly, Australia

“Owen is a great coach. I appreciated how he approached the kids in a positive way. He focused on having each child develop an internal self-motivation. He encouraged them to improve without making them feel negative about how they were performing. He motivated them to work harder, without pushing and pressuring them. He was also very good at communicating with parents, sensitive to the issues parents may have. We felt lucky to have Owen as a coach.”

-Ilana, Singapore

“Coach Reid is an exceptional coach. He makes learning sound fundamentals so much fun, while also expecting focus, a positive attitude, and the player’s best effort. My son always leaves a session with Coach Reid more excited and motivated. My daughter became interested in baseball after watching how much fun our son was having during his practice sessions. We always jump at the opportunity to work with Coach Reid because he really is a tremendous teacher and mentor of baseball.”

-Ashley, U.S.A.

“I had the pleasure of watching and assisting Coach Reid during a clinic he provided to my daughter’s team. He is was a consummate professional. Coach Reid has a high degree of technical knowledge of the game, engages various audiences very well, demonstrates excellently and communicates what is needed to know concisely. My daughter and her team learned a lot in a short period of time. The clinic also helped grow her understanding and love of the game.”

-Thomas, Saudi Arabia

“Owen coaches baseball, and his style reinforces what we try to teach our kids at home.To be mindful, try hard, be a good person, and have fun.My 7-year-old learned a lot of baseball, and had a great time doing it, not wanting it to end. Owen uses a quick pace to keep the kids interested, but slowed things down when the kids needed more practice or their energy was waning. This isn’t the baseball practice of my youth.”

-Matthew, Bangladesh

“I was really impressed with how Coach Owen kept the group’s attention and was still able to help each individual. He has really ignited my son’s passion even more! I can’t thank Coach Owen enough for really emphasising how important it is to be a good teammate.”

-Cathryn, Australia

“Owen showed me through his leadership on the team and his drive to be the best that he would not only do the correct things to be a successful coach, but also implement them in the best ways possible.”

-Brian, U.S.A.

“Owen’s coaching style goes beyond the field; he prioritizes the person before the player. His authenticity and genuine care for individuals set him apart. Owen’s commitment to values-driven leadership is evident in every interaction. He instills integrity, discipline, and teamwork in his players. Owen doesn’t just teach baseball skills; he cultivates character and resilience. Owen’s impact extends far beyond the game itself. He strives to establish meaningful connections with players, fostering trust and growth. His ability to adapt to different cultures and environments is remarkable. Owen Reid is not just a baseball coach; he’s a life coach who inspires excellence, resilience, and character. Any team or individual fortunate enough to work with him will undoubtedly benefit from his guidance.”

-Jesse, Saudi Arabia

“Owen coached our son and I was highly impressed with his approach.He is great at connecting with young players — he sets a high bar, holds them accountable and delivers results.His program is structured to drive full engagement from players in all aspects of the game (physical/mental/emotional) and in our experience, kids really responded and improved.”

-Tim, Singapore

“As a former opponent and teammate of Owen, I’ve been lucky to see his work in baseball from multiple perspectives. It’s hard to think of anyone at any level of baseball who is more thorough or diligent in their preparation than Owen. Having been lucky enough to coach eventual Major League players myself, this still rings true.”

-Ethan, U.S.A.

“The way Owen relates to the kids and establishes such a love for baseball, and then gives them the skills to continue stepping up their game is just a joy to watch!”

-Laine, Saudi Arabia

“Owen had our tee-ball kids eating out of his hand. His positive attitude, rapport and energy are amazing. Super impressed that a guy that has played at such a high level can share his knowledge at a grassroots level. You’re welcome any time, Owen.”

-Peter, Australia

“Our son didn’t realize he was learning and improving his baseball skill set during the time he spent working with Coach Owen. He takes the fundamentals needed to hone physicality and technicality and he executes a program that is fun. As a parent, I also very much appreciate Coach Owen’s polite mannerisms, and the value he places on imparting both courtesy and good, solid baseball etiquette when working with the kids. Thank you, Owen!”

-Jessica, Canada

“Coach Reid’s ability to teach the fundamentals is exceptional, but his greatest gift is making the players more excited about, and more in love with, baseball after each session. Sharing his passion for the game with the kids is what separates him from other coaches!”

-Summer, Saudi Arabia

“Coach Reid is an outstanding mentor to the youth of baseball. His dedication to teach the art of baseball with great enthusiasm just makes you want to play ball! Coach Reid’sin person training is what you would expect, informative, disciplined and fun. His online coaching is the same. He does not allow his students to slack because they are not on the same field. Thank you Coach for shaping our future ballplayers.”

-Glenn, Canada

“It is Owen’s professionalism and ability to empower those around him that drew me to him and are what make him a true ambassador of the game overseas.”

-David, Austria

“Coach Reid is one of the most professional individuals I have met. He has a unique ability to tailor his training to whatever the age and skillset is of the individual he is working with.”

-Mike, Saudi Arabia

“When kids work with Owen they become better friends, teammates, and people, not just better ballplayers.”

-Robert, U.S.A.

“Owen has proved to be one of the best coaches we ever had. I asked my son what made him so successful and he replied without hesitation ‘the amount of effort he puts into every lesson, the motivation he instilled into me and the skills he taught me in every lesson’.”

-Burt, South Africa

“Owen truly has a gift with coaching. Our son has thrived under the coaching of Owen. We have seen so much improvement in his skills and, most importantly, his love of the game has really flourished.”

-Christopher, Saudi Arabia

“Owen’s recipe for communicating and interacting is not only effective on the field, but it can also be practiced by my kids during their day-to-day interactions with others and by us parents, as Owen is a steadfast role model of positive values.”

-Jay, Canada