Testimonials - Reid Baseball


“It is Owen’s professionalism and ability to empower those around him that drew me to him and are what make him a true ambassador of the game overseas.”

-David, Austria


“It takes special traits to teach/coach, and even more qualities are required when working with children. Thankfully, Owen has them all!”

-Shaun, Louisiana, U.S.A.


“Owen’s accomplishments and experiences are extensive, his perspective is rich and varied, his dedication to his craft is prolific, and the blending of his personal passions and motivation with his professional life all combine to create a very dynamic character. This is the personality design, the strengths we would hope for in all of our coaches, teachers, mentors, and leaders.”

-Mac, Great Britain


“Energetic and fiercely driven to succeed, Owen’s brand of infectious motivation resonated with our young and impressionable ballplayers, and his unceasing desire to improve process and outcome inspired me to be better at my own performances — both on- and off-field.”

-Drew, Washington, U.S.A.


“Owen has proved to be one of the best coaches we ever had. I asked my son what made him so successful and he replied without hesitation ‘the amount of effort he puts into every lesson, the motivation he instilled into me and the skills he taught me in every lesson’.”

-Burt, South Africa


“Owen has both vision and the ability to bring that vision to fruition. He is self-motivated, knowledgeable, energetic and methodical.”

-Peter, Australia


“Baseball aside, Owen’s leadership, organizational and communication skills allow him to be extremely successful at what he does – leading and teaching. Whether it is on a baseball field, in an office or in a classroom, Owen impacts people of different ages, language skills, nationalities and educational backgrounds and makes lasting impressions.”

-Zvominir, Croatia


“Coach Owen’s impact on the Dhahran, Saudi Arabia baseball community has been and continues to be immeasurable. Under his guidance, our kids have significantly improved their skills and, more importantly, their character. Coach Owen gets the kids to commit their absolute best in effort and in attitude. We are lucky to have him.”

-William, Saudi Arabia


“When it comes to acuity Owen is rarely matched, an active listener and avid learner he is always looking to make himself better. Part of teaching is knowing when to listen and when to impart knowledge and have an understanding that there is always room for growth. He truly gets it and that helps to make him a great teacher of the game and builder of character. To say he is willing to travel the world to teach the game is figuratively and literally true.”

-Joel, North Dakota, U.S.A.


“Owen’s recipe for communicating and interacting is not only effective on the field, but it can also be practiced by my kids during their day-to-day interactions with others and by us parents, as Owen is a steadfast role model of positive values.”

-Jay, Ontario, Canada


“Owen showed me through his leadership on the team and his drive to be the best that he would not only do the correct things to be a successful coach, but also implement them in the best ways possible.”

-Brian, Kentucky, U.S.A.


“Some youth coaches employ a win-at-all-costs mentality, but Owen, appropriately, insists on “playing the game the right way.” Coaches and teachers play an outsized role in the development of children, and Owen certainly left a positive mark on our son.”

-Scott, Singapore


“On the field Owen helps develop a person as a player as well as a teammate. He offers words of encouragement, skilled observations and always teaches the team sportsmanship as well as skills. Off the field, he always has an ear for the parents as well as his players for questions, suggestions or additional lessons. He’s a person of very high character, an undisputed leader and a very sincere person.”

-Russell, New York, U.S.A.


“Owen helped run one of the most professional kids programs that I have been a part of. He is a true professional with high standards, and his contributions were felt across the program.”

-Bryan, Singapore


“Owen is now and always has always been a student of the game. An excellent teammate, an excellent coach, and an excellent person, there is no one I would trust more with developing my son’s skills than Owen.”

-Robert, South Carolina, U.S.A.


“Owen truly has a gift with coaching. Our son has thrived under the coaching of Owen in a very short time and he looks forward to any chance to get a session with him. We have seen so much improvement in his skills and most importantly, his love of the game has really flourished.”

-Christopher, Saudi Arabia


“Owen is able to inspire and motivate kids in a positive and upbeat atmosphere. He doesn’t just help them develop baseball skills, he helps them develop life skills. He also takes the time to really understand each kid and how to get them to give their best effort.”

-Tom, Florida, U.S.A.


“Beyond Owen’s deep knowledge of baseball mechanics and skills is a phenomenal ability to communicate that information in a concise manner. He creates a relationship with players based on trust, keeping them engaged throughout their development. Most importantly, he makes the game fun. My son is always eager to return to the field.”

-Doug, Saudi Arabia


“Owen’s extreme professionalism, self-discipline, and baseball knowledge greatly inspired me, and his ability to relate and interact positively with people of all ages was remarkable. Owen handled everyone from wild 6-year olds to awkwardly transitioning teenagers to frazzled parents with the utmost professionalism and respect.”

-Paul, Texas, U.S.A.


“I am extremely touched by Owen’s personal interest in my son, and we’re both very excited to see this relationship develop further over time. Any school or sports program would be lucky to have Owen come and coach their baseball teams and teach them valuable lessons on and off the field.”

-Sabahat, Bangladesh


“Owen’s clear passion for athletics and his ability to engage with young athletes across varying stages of development instilled self-discipline and fostered teamwork. We also relied heavily on his professionalism and organisational skills as we traveled to Dubai, Shanghai, Perth and Japan to play baseball. He helped my kids to begin to master the fundamentals of baseball and taught them a lot about how to be a competitor on an international stage.”

-Jake, Singapore


“Owen is a high quality baseball instructor and a role model of a human being around young baseball players.  He is really talented at knowing what baseball skill a player needs next and is able to break down complicated information into small accessible steps.  Owen makes it a point to get to know all the players. He is very good at connecting with players of all age groups and values building relationships with the players and community members. He is a true ambassador of the game of baseball.”

-Kevin, Bangladesh


“Coach Reid is one of the most professional individuals I have met. He has a unique ability to tailor his training to whatever the age and skillset is of the individual he is working with.”

-Mike, Saudi Arabia